Our process will be discreet and efficient, creating minimal disruption in your daily operations. We recognize that a lengthy diligence process places unnecessary stress on your business, so we will work to complete the investment within an agree upon time-frame. You can trust that we will adhere to strict confidentiality standards throughout the process.
We will move things along as quickly as needed to ensure a successful deal, but at a speed appropriate to ensure the best decisions are made when it matters most.
Establish Fit
Business Review
Due Diligence
Documentation and Close
Determine fit between Towanda Capital investment criteria and owner’s objectives Evaluate company operations, financial performance, market, and industry

Detailed review of customers, financial, legal and tax matters

Develop ownership transition plan

Develop legal and tax documents

Prepare organization for change of ownership

Business Owner Comfortable with Towanda Capital Team, approach and general goals Fully align with plans for the future of your business and our respective roles Satisfied with deal terms and ongoing roles.

Agree with approach for key stakeholders: owners, management, employees, customers and suppliers

Liquidity achieved, owner possible retains stake in ongoing business through equity or debt, if desired
>> Build the Relationship >> Letter of Intent >> Agreement >> Final Transaction