Towanda Capital takes a unique approach, focusing on investing in and operating one privately held business. We are not your typical buyout fund or strategic acquirer. By focusing on a single business, we will devote all of our effort and capital to its long-term success.
We differ in some of the following ways:

Private Equity

Strategic Acquirer

Goals Grow Top Line, Keep What Works Great Cut costs, add leverage, flip the company Absorb operations, change management
Your Company 100% of our effort and attention One investment in a large portfolio One piece of a large puzzle
Continuity Maintain Success Radical Operational and Financial Changes Rebrand, Integrate and end stand-alone company
Owners Role Defined by Owner Strict oversight Employee
Employees Continue to Develop Secondary to financial return Subject to redundancy
Time Horizon Long Term Short Term Uncertain
Source of Capital Successful Entrepreneurs Large Professional Institutions Public or private markets, cash flow